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        What is coated Oxford cloth?

        Coated Oxford cloth mainly uses a special process to apply a layer of material with special functions on the basis of the fabric, adding special functions to the fabric. So it is also known as functional coated fabric.


        According to the different coating materials, there are three categories: PVC coating, PU coating, and semi PU coating.

        According to the different coating processes, there are also types such as satin leather, matte leather, anti leather, and wrinkled leather.

        There are also classifications based on function and characteristics. For example: coating with color glue, PVC, silver, calendering, flame retardant, PA moisture permeability, PU moisture transparency, and so on. Special coatings: rubber coating, paper processing, waterproof, breathable, pearlescent series, oil wax coating, PU gold and silver glue, high water pressure resistance series (up to 1000-10000), UV-CUT anti UV processing, and so on.